Audi A1 Finance

Getting Audi A1 Finance Through UK Car Finance

Audi A1 Finance


This is seriously the way to go: UK Car Finances market leading rates make it extremely difficult for anyone to beat us on price.We’re here for the numbers game and so we don’t charge facility fees with any car that we sell you. We can compare finance rates from the top 8 financiers with whom we have excellent working relationships. We give them a lot of business and they give us fantastic rates. It’s a simple working relationship, which works well for both parties.



By all means go find your car at one of the many dealerships but when it comes to handing over the cash, you should speak to us. We’ll beat them on price GUARANTEED. Oh, and by the way, if you’d prefer for us to find your Audi A1 while you relax, then just let us know what your preferences are on spec and we will get you a quote via our franchised dealer using our fleet discount. Once you’ve decided which car you wish to go for, either from the dealership or from us, we will set about finding you the perfect Audi A1 finance deal.


What are the Finance Options?

There are a number of different routes that you can go down depending on you preferences but they are all very easy to understand so don’t worry, there will be an Audi A1 Finance deal out there for you.

Here are the different Audi A1 Finance package types:

  • Audi A1 Personal Contract Purchase (PCP): This is often the most popular finance package due to its flexibility both at the start and the end of the contract. Small monthly payments with an option to hand the car back to the dealer at the end of the term pending mileage and condition checks.
  • Audi A1 Hire Purchase (HP) – You take possession of the car with a deposit pending successful finance checks. The balance of the car is paid off in installments. There is no balloon payment.
  • Audi A1 Lease Purchase (LP) – This contract benefits from small monthly payments with a balloon payment at the end but the financier will not buy the car back from you, unlike with the PCP contract.
  • Audi A1 Balanced Payments – You can link your repayments to a nominal figure above the London Inter Bank Offer Rate (LIBOR). This allows for fixed monthly repayments.


UK Car Finances approach to Audi A1 Car Finance

The Audi A1 hit the UK roads in November 2010 with as much hype as Lady Gaga wearing a piano on her head to go to the shops in. and it’s no surprise. This little beauty has bags of style and truly epitomises the vorsprung durch technik (precision through engineering) slogan of the German car manufacturer. It is more expensive than it’s friends such as the Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Mini and Fiat 500 with whom it shares it’s chassis but our Audi A1 Finance options make it more affordable than other car finance companies out there. A sure winner of its class!

If you’re unsure of where to go for your Audi A1 Finance then why not pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly (non-pushy) customer services people. They can offer the best deals over the phone because through speaking to you and finding out your exact circumstances they can find deals out there that you can’t just find through a finance calculator.

Audi A1 Finance – we have all the bases covered!