Land Rover PCP

Land Rover PCP

When it comes to off-roading, Land Rover and Range Rover certainly lead the way but

their range of cars are actually as capable cruising down the motorway at high speeds offering the highest standards of comfort and luxury as they are traversing mountains.

The Land Rover Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deals that we at UK Car Finance have to offer, are leading the way in the companies established transition to ‘in-demand’ luxury SUV. The people just cannot get enough of them.

These cars speak for themselves but what about the leading finance package that everyone’s talking about – Land Rover PCP. Never heard of it? It’s great because it makes them affordable…


Land Rover PCP Summarised

  • You pay small fixed monthly payments
  • Balloon Payment at the end often with the ability to sell the car back to the financier
  • Contract taylored to your miles, your deposit, your payback term and your car.
  • Can be applied to new or used Land Rovers
  • We have fantastic insurance products in the form of gap insurance and tyre insurance.
  • Here at UK Car Finance, we do not charge facility fees


So what’s all the fuss about Land Rover PCP?

In the case of Land Rover, a PCP contract works extremely well allowing a relatively small budget to get you a lot of car. With a Land Rover PCP contract, the leading financier that we use to finance the car for you will give you a guaranteed future value (GFV) for the car. This GFV is the value given to the car based on it being in good condition and within the terms of the lease i.e. mileage agreed at the end of the contract period.

In most finance packages there is a balloon payment at the end, which the buyer has to meet but with a Land Rover PCP contract this is covered by the financier if you so wish. You are always in positive equity with the car but only really pay for finance on the depreciation of the car, which is much lower than most other contracts due to Land Rovers holding their value so well.


What if I don’t want a brand new Land Rover?

This is no problem, you can take advantage of reduced depreciation through the purchase of a used Land Rover but there are a few points to note.

  1. You must get the Land Rover from a franchised dealer but remember not to take the finance from them as WE GUARANTEE TO BEAT ANY DEALER QUOTE!
  2. We will not offer Land Rover PCP on any car past 3.5 years old.
  3. The car must have less than 60,000 miles on the clock.


How do I maximise my car but ensure my monthly payments are as low as possible?

Well firstly, with a PCP contract, you cannot go wrong with a Land Rover. As mentioned, the depreciation rates are low on these vehicles and the GFV, high, hence monthly repayments in comparison to some vehicles will be lower anyway. Having said this, there are a few handy tips to ensure you’re not paying over the odds and you are maximising the car for your budget.

  1. A large deposit will obviously eat a big chunk of the payback amount and so will reduce your monthly repayments
  2. The length of your contract – split the money over a longer period and take advantage of a lesser rate of depreciation, as the car gets slightly older. Our 48-month contracts have some fantastic rates!
  3. Be as precise as you can with your annual mileage. A typical contract is about 10,000 miles but a lot of people do a lot more and a lot of people do a lot less so just be as accurate as possible so you are paying for the miles you use.


The end of a Land Rover PCP contract…

Don’t worry, like that start of the contract, you have options:

  1. Give the car back within the terms of the contract and walk away
  2. You can keep the car yourself, all you need to do is refinance or pay off the balloon payment at the end i.e. the GFV.
  3. Part exchange for a new car provided the value of the new car is higher than that of the car you are trading in
  4. Sell the car privately and pay off the balloon. Any money you make over and above the GFV goes straight in your back pocket.

Land Rover Car FinanceIf you’re looking for any Land Rover or Range Rover, we have the PCP deal that will make it affordable and importantly hassle free so you can drive away with a smile on your face. We can source the car for you as easily as we can provide just the finance if you wish to buy from a franchised dealer. Whichever way you choose to do it, remember, we have our best rates over the phone and we will guarantee to beat any dealer quote. It’s that simple.

Get your Land Rover PCP from UK Car Finance today and you too could drive away in your dream car!