Used Audi Finance

Used Audi FinanceWhy is Used Audi Finance so Popular

Opting for used Audi finance is an extremely shrewd idea. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the latest model, fret not; you can still get a luxury Audi without the luxury price tag. We’ll find the perfect used Audi finance deal for you!

We have hundreds of enquiries each week from people who don’t wish to have to pay for the rather large depreciation of a new car as soon as it is driven out of the dealership. Whilst we respect that there’s nothing quite like being the first to drive your very own brand spanking new car, we also understand that this is a far more feasible route.


Where can I get a Used Audi on Finance?

That’s what is great about UK Car Finance. We’re just as happy sourcing the car for you from our stock of thousands of cars as we are financing a car that you are getting from a dealership.

There are a couple of points worthy of note here: We, unlike most people, do not charge facility fees for setting up the finance on your behalf. This saves a nice little chunk of money. In addition, WE WILL ALWAYS BEATA DEALERSHIP for used Audi finance. Something we’re very proud of.


Audi Car FinanceWhat are the Used Audi Finance Options? 

This is where is gets clever and you realise what is within your grasp for the budget you have.

The used Audi finance options are as follows:

  1. Used Audi Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – Guaranteed future value agreed on the car based on mileage and condition checks. Option to hand the car back to the dealer or pay off the balloon at the end of the term.
  2. Used Audi Hire Purchase (HP) – Take possession of the car with a small deposit and set up finance (subject to checks) to pay back the cost of the car in monthly installments.
  3. Used Audi Lease Purchase (LP) – This is very similar to the Used Audi PCP plan but there is no ability to sell the car back to the funder, the owner must cover the balloon payment.
  4. Used Audi Balanced Payments – This option allows the leaseholder to follow the London Inter Bank Offer Rate (LIBOR) and charges a little interest over and above it.


UK Car Finances’ summary on Used Audi Finance

The range of cars available from Audi is that holds its own. Never has there been a range of cars that hold their value so well which makes it perfect for so many different types of finance but importantly, will allow you to afford your dream motor.

The PCP option on used Audi finance is a great move as you are coupling a low depreciation car with a finance package that is based solely on the depreciation plus interest. That would certainly be our choice anyway. Keep those low monthly payments down and get to drive away in a beautiful and sturdy used Audi.

Call us today to see what your budget can stretch to. You will be surprised when looking at used Audi finance with what you can get. Our customer services staff are the best people to speak to, whether it’s just to arrange finance or for us to organise both the car and the finance.

Used Audi Finance is definitely the way to go when it comes to your next car!